Our Mission

Our mission is to bring high-quality products to our customers to fulfill their specific needs, always. We believe in the consistency of providing the right product at its best quality. We unfailingly fulfill our promise to provide the best quality product and this is what inspires our customers to keep coming back to us.

We also aim to become the leading player in the industry as we leverage our technical expertise, advanced technologies and highly skilled workforce. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation so that sustainable growth and profitability are ensured.

We aspire to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers, raw materials suppliers and other stakeholders on the foundation of mutual trust, respect and transparency. The goal of BFCL is to make a positive impact on society as well as the environment by utilizing our resources responsibly and operating ethically.

Our Vision

Our vision for BFCL is to be the partner of choice, known for superior quality, reliability and exceptional customer service. At BFCL, we understand that success goes beyond financial achievements. We, hence, through our vision and actions, seek to create a positive impact on the world, meeting the evolving needs of our customers while embracing sustainable practices.

At BFCL, we’re committed to excellence in production and environmental sustainability reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future