Dr. Hari Krishna Budhia

Founder and Managing Director

With my foundation & principles, BFCL holds a 50-year steel legacy. A PhD from the University of Colorado in 1971 led me and my late brother A.R. Budhia to launch a steel facility near Ranchi. Today, BFCL is a global Ferro Alloys exporter to 20+ nations.

We are committed to prioritizing satisfaction and building bonds that are meant to last. Quality thrives in our stringent processes and efficiency sets benchmarks. Timely delivery, driven by streamlined workflows, showcases our pride. My vision propels BFCL’s innovation through the latest tech trends, backed by R&D. Competitive prices, sustainability and CSR mirror my commitment to excellence and global impact.

Mr. Gaurav Budhia


Now entrusted with my father Dr. H.K. Budhia’s legacy, I, Mr. Gaurav Budhia, as BFCL’s Director, helping BFCL to achieve new milestones with 17 years of industry expertise. Overseeing marketing and production across divisions, I’m dedicated to upholding excellence and innovation, just like my father.

My goal is to attain industry pinnacles in quality, customer satisfaction and commitment. Through global exposure, enhanced efficiency and balanced cost dynamics, BFCL’s ascent in the steel industry remains unwavering. Our commitment includes sustainability and corporate social responsibility, as we prioritize relationships, quality, punctuality and competitive pricing, driven by the latest technology and efficient practices.